Welcome to my Blog.

My name is Michel Cloutier and I’m almost ready to introduce my novel, The Hunt for Komodo Cracker. If all goes as planned it will be available before the end of 2017.

For more than eighteen years I’ve worked as a teacher and instructor in the field of computer networking, primarily network security and telecommunications. I also happen to be a huge fan of ancient history, particularly the background history of biblical times. To this end, I have had the privilege of traveling to many Bible lands such as Israel, Egypt, Turkey, Greece and Italy to mention but a few.

Although I don’t travel much anymore, I do from time to time break away from my work to scuba dive the many local shipwrecks in the Saint Lawrence River both in Ontario and in Quebec were I was born and raised.

UNOFFICIAL BOOK COVER 2Four years ago I started a project that would include my love for both history and network security. I wanted to tell the story of Thomas Faraday, a network security professional. He was trying to cope with a great personal loss when he became a victim of a cyber-attack that would change his life forever. A hacker calling himself Komodo left for Thomas a set of encrypted file to decipher. To add to the mystery, somewhere in the Zagros Mountains, an ancient Persian stela was unearthed with a code that called for Thomas personally. In his attempt to solve these mysteries he was lead to a secret religious league with time travel technology.

This is where he met a small group of people who would become his cherished friends. Together they were sent back in time two thousand five hundred years to the mighty Persian Empire where their friendship would be put to the test. Soon after their arrival, everything started to go wrong.

With time running out, amidst a nation at war and in a foreign land, Thomas must decipher both the Komodo files and the Persian stela if they ever hope to return back to the twenty-first century. As if this was not challenging enough, their journey is slowed down by betrayal.

Someone among them does not want Thomas Faraday to succeed.


In the pages of this blog I would like to share with you different subjects that are highlighted in my novel. It could be on network security, ancient Persia, Biblical archaeology, time travel or other main topics highlighted in the novel. It could also be on matters of deeper meaning such as friendship, death, faith and betrayal.

It is my hope that after you have read my novel, you would have something to share with others on how you’ve benefited from The Hunt for Komodo Cracker.


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