Is Your Password Secure?

password-2271736_1920Our password is the last line of defense regardless of what we are trying to protect. In the news we sometimes hear of passwords being hacked. The word hack is many times loosely used. We might think someone cracked our password when in reality it was probably written down in a cloud server available for someone to steal.

What are your password habits? Is your password secure?

Imagine your password is “crocodile,” it would take only two minutes with a common home computer to crack. What if you change some of the characters in the same password? For instance, “Cr0c@D1le,” you’re using the same password so it’s easy to remember yet it would take 4 weeks to crack. Most hackers don’t have that much time. Now add a memorable date, “Cr0c@D1le1985.”

Wow, 3 million years. I guess it’s safe to say it’s uncrackable.

Test your password here but don’t use your real password, just in case.

How Secure Is My Password

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Bold Technologies

Thomas faraday, a network security professional believed a hacker calling himself Komodo penetrated his network by using his passwords. But Thomas was very careful in making sure his passwords are uncrackable. Was Thomas correct or did something else happen? Find out in my science-fiction novel, The Hunt for Komodo cracker.

The Hunt for Komodo Cracker



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