It’s a dark day for me today.

Just found out my book release is delayed 4 to 6 weeks.


That’s all I have to say.

The hunt for Komodo Cracker


Physicists from Michigan Technological University are looking for Time Travelers on Social Media

twitter-292994_1920Imagine you are like Thomas Faraday, given an opportunity to travel in time. Once you’ve arrived, how would you communicate with our century? If your space ship or other time traveling device permits communication back and forth, then you’re okay but what if this is not an option?

As Thomas and friends would eventually find out, it’s not an easy task. But if you’re traveling into the future, then you may have technology we today are not aware of. You might be able to send messages back in time through certain Social Media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

Sounds farfetched? Robert Nemiroff and Teresa Wilson, two researchers at Michigan Technological University suggest this could be possible.

Read about it here,

Physicists Are Spending Way Too Much Time Hunting Time Travelers on Facebook

The Hunt for Komodo Cracker

Is Faith Based on Evidence Actually Faith?

ancient-1827228_1920In a secret location somewhere in the wilderness of North America, a religious league has discovered a way to travel back in time two thousand five hundred years to the mighty Persian Empire. Their goal is to locate the whereabouts of sacred religious relics to share with God fearing people all around the world.

In an attempt to solve a mystery forced upon him, Thomas Faraday is directed to the doorsteps of this mysterious league. Would you like to come along? If so, you will be required to take part in a rigorous training since this will not be a holiday. For surely such an adventure would attract some less pious persons who hope to use these treasures for more personal gain.

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I found this interesting heading from the CRI.